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    글로벌 인터파크에서 지난주 주문했고
    한국에서 날아와서 어제 받은 책.
    잘 만들었네. :)

    딱 한가지 마이너한거.

    스프링노트형태의 책 특성상
    맨 앞쪽 여러장은
    책을 덮을때 항상 애매하게 덮히니
    주의해서 덮어야해.

    옛 곡이든 최근 곡이든
    생각보다 모르는 찬양곡이 참 많다는 것.

    쳐보니 좀 애매한 코드진행이 있기는하나 전반적으로 건반, 기타의 다양한 코드진행을 알아가는데 도움되는 책.

  2. Giving fresh air to my old MacBook Pro.
    I strongly recommend to replace your HDD with SSD for your old laptop. Sooooo much faster!

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    Heavy snow again in NY, NJ

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    Little Simon

  5. hanlee:

    지성이 아린이와
    신나는 도장찍기 놀이
    w/ SimplyBuilt stamps

  6. 5 December 2013

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    Generative art work - Han Lee
    Buy here : http://society6.com/xoundbox?promo=56cb5c

    • FREE Shipping and $5 OFF on Han Lee’s products thru December 8, 2013, worldwide!

    Promotion expires December 8, 2013 at Midnight Pacific Time. *Offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Throw Pillows with insert.


  7. 2 October 2013

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    WPD64 - Wooden Pixel Display 64

    * Pixels in motion : http://vimeo.com/75616621

    [ Analog x Digital ]
    아날로그랑 디지털이 얼레리꼴레리 또 만났어요. 정성스레 빚은 64개의 아날로그 나무 픽셀들이 춤을 춰요. Personal project. Analog wooden blocks (1.5”x1.5”x3” each) as digital pixels. 64 wood pixels in 8x8 make a form. One pixel might make you bored but it gives you something interesting when pixels make a form together. This WPD64 has been presented at a generative art show in NYC recently.
    Invented by Han Lee
    Music ‘Pixels’ by Han Lee : soundcloud.com/han-lee/pixels

    Some more photos : http://www.flickr.com/photos/xoundbox/sets/72157635977898485/

    Behance : http://www.behance.net/gallery/Wooden-Pixel-Display-64-WPD64/11165751

    Enjoy! ;^)

  8. 28 June 2013

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    요즘 맨하탄에서 꽤 자주 보이는 광고.

  9. 28 June 2013

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    In NJ Transit 3887 is going my home
    NJ 기차안. 맨하탄에서 집으로.
    숫자와 글자를 만드는 전광판.
    언제봐도 참 독특하고
    언젠가 만들어보고싶은.

  10. escapekit:

    Ordinary Behaviour project

    Hong Kong based illustrator Kevin LCK recreates various electronic appliances as black and white paper cardboard sculptures as part of the ordinary behaviour project 



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